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Sometimes the worst thing you can lose is fearlessness.

I was thinking about what my husband Victor said was the worst thing he could ever lose. I couldn’t remember what he said, back in the days when we could speak with one another. But I do remember him telling me…

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Even if you didn’t realize its importance, it might turn out to be good.

“I have often heard that one should marry a good conversationalist, for the inevitable times that talking is all one can do. …

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Today I did something for my skin. Hyaluronic acid. That may sound awful, but it feels good. No more dryness. When you talk about thirsty skin, my skin really drank it up, in a way that drinking a glass of clear, cool water can elude me. …

…and how they have influenced our lives

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Yesterday was the day to formally acknowledge fathers, to thank them and praise them for being dads. This essay is not meant to leave out single moms or people whose fathers have been absent, difficult, or caused lasting pain. It is simply an…

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…will always have my heart

This is about the first dog I ever loved and will always hold in my heart. I am a confirmed cat — and horse — person, but today I can say that I am also a dog person.

For most of my life, I was…

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…from me, before.

Actually, it’s more than one word. It’s several. Do not — I repeat, do not — place a bag of stir-fry veggies hot out of the microwave onto a glass (even tempered glass) cutting board and leave it unattended for even a minute. Unless, of course, you…

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A caregiver gives care.

What exactly does that mean?

The moment I first saw Victor, he was wearing cargo shorts, a striped button-down shirt, and deck shoes. He still has the same bright smile and twinkly green eyes. I knew at that moment that he was the one. We fell…

Dawna Elaine Page

I thought my emotion was sadness but actually it’s grief. “Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying” — said Dad. “Words are all I have” — goes the song.

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